Noa Kalfus

    Noa Kalfus - jGirls+ Editor
    Noa Kalfus - jGirls+ Editor

    2018–19 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    Hi, I’m Noa Kalfus, and I am thrilled to serve on the jGirls+ editorial board! I am a senior at SAR High School in New York, and I am proud to call Central Park my backyard. At school, I am on two athletic teams, compete as a member of the debate team, and am about to start my first year as co-president of the environmental club. While many tell me I look like Violet Parr from The Incredibles, I can, unfortunately, neither become invisible, nor create force fields. When I’m not catching up on sleep, I can be found laughing with my incredible friends, watching endless John Mulaney clips, or consuming as many sour-lip gummies as humanly possible.

    Works by Noa

    no-AH, NO-uh by Noa Kalfus - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

    no-AH, NO-uh

    “What is a namesake and who is mine?”
    Me, Myself, and I by Noa Kalfus

    Me, Myself, and I

    “I am a multifaceted and complex individual.”