Nourya Cohen

    Nourya Cohen - jGirls+ Editor
    Nourya Cohen - jGirls+ Editor

    2018–19 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    My name is Nourya Cohen. I am 16 years old and a senior in high school, and I live 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, California. My parents are both from Israel, and my grandparents are from Brazil, France, and Iran. I am a secular Jew, who is interested in history and linguistics. My hobbies include learning other languages, specifically Chinese, Hebrew, and Spanish. This past summer I went to China on a state department scholarship to immerse myself in the culture and language. I am also in speech and debate, and compete in Public Forum. My other hobbies are reading books, watching Netflix, and keeping up with current events. jGirls+ gives me the opportunity to be a stronger part of the Jewish community and make an impact on other girls like me.

    Works by Nourya

    Cyclical Life by Nourya Cohen - Photo by Alex Garrow

    A Cyclical Life

    A life tormented by addiction and abuse becomes a never-ending nightmare she hopes to wake up from...