Ruby Stillman

    Ruby Stillman
    Ruby Stillman

    2019–20 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer

    My name is Ruby Stillman, and I am 17 years old. I live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. I have loved theater ever since my first encounter with it when I landed a role in Fiddler on the Roof in 6th grade, and I became the president of the Thespian Society at my school this past year. I also co-lead my high school’s social activism club. I really enjoyed organizing our voter registration drive and assembly and working with our mayor and city council to successfully implement real gun reform in our city. Last year, I attended Alexander Muss High School in Israel for two months, and I fell in love with learning about my people’s history and experiencing it hands-on. I am also a USY Emtzanik and a regional general board Tikkun Olam member. When I see a wrong, I must make it right. I strongly believe that “We all do better when we all do better,” and I strive to live my life that way. I owe this mindset to my uplifting and supportive Jewish community that has given me so many opportunities growing up. This past summer was all about giving back to my community by being a counselor-in-training at my beloved Jewish summer camp. Not only has Judaism influenced the way I help others, it has inspired me to live a fulfilling life filled with photography, travel, laughter, truth, and appreciation of beauty. I can’t wait to share it with the jGirls+ community, and I am ecstatic that I found such an inclusive platform that values my voice, and the voice of all Jewish girls.

    Works by Ruby

    Ruby Stillman

    A Lychee in the Market on a Thursday

    Ruby captures the brilliant colors and cultural differences of her trip with a portrait of a young girl.
    38th and Chicago by Ruby Stillman

    38th and Chicago

    "When I captured these moments, I had no idea of the ripple effect this protest would have or of the revolution that would ensue."
    Should I Smile for this Picture? by Ruby Stillman - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Should I Smile in the Picture?

    When honoring a tragic history, do you smile to show your support?

    Ruby's Photographs are Featured in

    Why None of Us Should Be Perfect by Ada Perlman - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    Why None of Us Should Be Perfectionists

    There is a big difference between ambition and perfectionism. One is healthy, the other is destructive.
    Another Day by Ada Perlman - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    Another Day

    By today's standards, "another day" means another terrible wave of loss and pain.
    Where Are We Now? by Ilana Drank - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    Where Are We Now?

    How do you recognize the last time you will do something?
    Independence During Social Isolation by Sage Gilbert - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    Independence During Social Isolation

    "After talking to the same people all day every day, I’ve found that I yearn for some time alone."
    A State of Uncertainty by Anonymous - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    A State of Uncertainty

    "Am I too young to change the world, or am I too old to start?"
    Slut by Rebecca Fields - photo by Ruby Stillman


    Why does society tell women that if they are sexually assaulted, it's their fault and that they did something wrong to "deserve" it?
    What You See by Samara Haynes - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    What You See

    “I stand proud and share the story of my great-grandfather, whose name I carry to future generations.”