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Salt & Honey: Jewish Teens on Feminism, Creativity, and Tradition

A New Book from jGirls+ Magazine

In 78 vibrant works, 62 gifted teen contributors voice their celebrations and challenges, their anger and their eagerness in essays, poetry, and visual art. And their themes are universal, touching on childhood, spirituality, sexuality, race, family, friends, and the world around us.

We are writers, editors, photographers, and artists. We are multiethnic, multiracial, and multifaceted. We are nourished by the sweet honey and harsh salt of our lives. Although we are often misunderstood, we find strength within ourselves and our communities. We are the stories we tell.

This book elevates our stories as we honor the past, explore the present, and look toward the future. Through poetry, fiction, essays, and art, we make our voices heard.

The works in Salt & Honey were created by self-identifying Jewish girls, young women, transgender and nonbinary teens between the ages of thirteen and nineteen working as part of the jGirls Magazine collective. The works include poetry, essays, memoir, fiction, and visual art, and each piece of visual art is accompanied by an artist statement to help put it into context.

The Reader’s Guide by Jewish educator and award-winning author Michelle Shapiro Abraham, RJE provides framing for deeper exploration of the works and for those wishing to use the book with teen groups, in books groups, and other venues.

Words of Welcome From the Team Behind the Book

“The works in this book are collected from jGirls+ Magazine, an online publication and community. Together, we celebrate the sprawling, messy, complicated, glorious nature of being a young Jew-ish person today.

In the pages of this book, we hope to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. We hope you find both a reflection of yourself and a path to new ways of thinking, feeling, and experiencing.”

B’ruchot haba’ot! Welcome!
Elizabeth Mandel, Emanuelle Sippy, Maya Savin Miller, Michele Lent Hirsch, and the jGirls+ Magazine Collective

Salt & Honey Includes Works By:

Aliza Abusch-Magder
Lauren Alexander
Gertie Angel
Yael Beer
Alex Berman
Alyx Bernstein
Leah Bogatie
Isabella Brown
Aydia Caplan
Whitney Cohen
Emilia Cooper
Tesaneyah Dan
Alexa Druyanoff
Emily Duckworth
Elena Eisenstadt
Tali Feen
Abigail Fisher
Leah Fleischer
Lily Gardner
Abigael Good
Sequoia Hack
Madison Hahamy
Samara Haynes
Ahava Helfenbaum
Dalia Heller
Sascha Hochman
Audrey Honig
Alexa Hulse
Liel Huppert
Noa Kalfus
Alma Kastan
Rachel Kaufman
Maya Keren
Naomi Kitchen
Gavi Klein
Jamie Klinger
Emily Knopf
Aidyn Levin
Sonja Lippmann
Shoshana Maniscalco
Liora Meyer
Becca Norman
Juliet Norman
Dina Ocken
Zoe Oppenheimer
Lily Pazner
Annie Poole
Ofek Preis
Maya Rabinowitz
Emma Rosman
Artie Ross
Sydney Schulman
Eliana Shapere
Michal Spanjer
Frankie Vega
Molly Voit
Abigail Winograd
Sarah Young
Makeda Zabot-Hall

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