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A serene beach with calm waters beneath a cloudy sky.


expanding the unexplored area of our tide
A photo of a person walking down a grassy hill a small one-story house in front of a forest.

Nature Reclaims

We defiantly wait ‘til our day comes, When all of the brownstones will turn green
In Danger of Melting Away by Sonja Lippmann for The Beauty of Shabbos by Kayla Colchamiro

The Beauty of Shabbos

Our voices create a channel / To leave the heartache and hurt of the past week
Thrift Shop by Danielle Deculus for Where it Hurts by Dalia Levanon

Where it Hurts

Tell me where it hurts and I’ll fix it let me catch the rose petals before they fall to the floor

I Need a River

"what if i am an ocean / and she is a river?"


i’m surrounded by Qs and Ps and guidelines due dates and deadlines and i can’t breathe
La Convention Nationale by Danielle Deculus for The Lessons I Learned in France

The Lessons I Learned in France

It would have been a very different experience had I not known the history behind each place, person, and event.
In the Moment by Hannah Rubenstein for Instructions to Grow a Person by Julia Gross

Instructions to Grow a Person:

Do not let age hinder your passion, But, do let time take his tempered toll

Staring at Darling

“It ended up being about how even when I don’t feel beautiful, I can create something beautiful of my body.”
Hamsa Necklace taken by Shayna SchreiberMaddieRenert for My Hamsa Necklace by

My Hamsa Necklace

“I recall the bitter words that plagued my mother’s ears”
A Bridge Between Worlds taken by Gianna Goldfarb fo Rethinking Theory by Leah Frankel

Rethinking Theory

“dismantling power systems is only attainable if a fierce wave of education comes first”
I’m Fine by Veronica Halfen

I’m Fine

“Hiding how you feel is not good for you, and it will only make you feel worse.”
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