Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Hole in my Belly by Sophie Hill - Photo by Caroline Koppel

Hole in my Belly

"Ulcerative Colitis felt more like a patch to iron onto my Girl Scout sash than a deficiency."
How the Antisemitism Prevalent in Liberal and Leftist Politics Will Send More Young Jews Down the Conservative Pipeline By: Alex Berman Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

How the Antisemitism Prevalent in Liberal and Leftist Politics Will Send...

“American Jews are being pushed out of liberal spaces, the mere practice of our religion somehow interpreted as an allegiance to the Israeli government.”
Seven Banished Shores by Lila Katz - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Seven Banished Shores

“Everly did not like the cold. She found it dispassionate and void of life. Everly hated even more that it froze over her handsome beaches and left chips in the waves that she adored so much.”
The Power of Macaroons by Regina Hopkins - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

The Power of Macaroons

"I’m 15 and dancing with other Jewish LGBT+ teens...I feel free."
64 Argyle Road By Orly Berkowitz-Henkin - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

64 Argyle Road

“Sally, he spoke softly in the kitchen, because the kids were watching television in the next room and he didn’t want them to see him struggle to stand.”
The Torah in the Church Basement by Gabriela Orozco - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

“The Torah in the Church Basement”

“Amidst the ashes, our ark remains!”
Pigtails Girl by Alex Berman - Photo by Alex Garrow

Pigtails Girl

"She wears pigtails because if she doesn’t tie up her loose threads, she might explode."
Living as an LGBTQ+ Orthodox Teen by Rivka Schafer - photo by Sonja Lippmann

Living as an LGBTQ+ Orthodox Teen

“By 8th grade, I was so exhausted from concealing my identity that I publicly shared my sexual orientation on a grade chat. Consequently, that was the loneliest year of my life.”
Barred by Words by Sonja Lippmann

Barred by Words

Sonja Lippman explores labeling in this self portrait.
The Night Fay Forgot Bug Spray by Livvy Krakower - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

The Night Fay Forgot Bug Spray

“Fay tries to keep watch of the mosquito but Jacob begins moving closer, blocking her peripheral vision.”

A Word Other Than Girl

“Some words have reached a point where they become more than a combination of letters.”

Last Night

"One last night of normalcy."
Last Night

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