Sunday, July 12, 2020

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The College Essay I Didn't Submit by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

The College Essay I Didn’t Submit

“To showcase my colorfulness, I will talk about sadness.”

Behind Bars

As people all over the world take to the streets and the polling booths demanding a just and merciful justice system, it is important that we remember to speak up for those without the freedom to march or vote.
43-Hour Drive by Orly Berkowitz-Henkin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

43-Hour Drive

Technically, he had met his mother before. Once.
Split by Sarah Solon


"I used the technique of stippling, or the art of mark-making using numerous small dots..."
Community for All by Regina Hopkins - Photo by Gertie Angel

Community for All

“The Jewish community has a very important role to play now in the continued acceptance of the Queer community.”
My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees by Tari Civerolo - Photo by Elise Antsey

My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees

"One of the first things that struck me about my teacher was how much physical paper he printed and distributed to the class."
Picked by Tali Afrah


Artist Tali Afrah captures the transition into summer, giving hope to what the future may bring.
Torn Apart How a Deportation Deeply Affected My Religious Community by Sydney Stoller - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Torn Apart: How a Deportation Deeply Affected My Religious Community

“A year and a half ago, Armando was arrested at night and taken from his wife Sylvia and their two sons without warning. He was subsequently deported to Mexico without a wallet, phone, or identification of any kind.”
Stephen Miller, White Supremacy, and Me by Georgia Bernbaum

Stephen Miller, White Supremacy, and Me

“I do know one unsettling truth. It does not matter how much we identify with our heritage, because other people will always identify us by it."
What Do You Want? by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Alex Garrow

What Do You want?

"The first day of school always brings anxiety for Ms. B, [but] this year, Ms. B is extra apprehensive..."
38th and Chicago by Ruby Stillman

38th and Chicago

"When I captured these moments, I had no idea of the ripple effect this protest would have or of the revolution that would ensue."
Say His Name, Say Their Name by Gertie Angel

Say His Name, Say Their Names

"...the perpetual American attack on Black lives and the continual exploitation of Black bodies reflects that there has never been any true sanctuary for Black Americans."

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