Monday, January 20, 2020

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It's been three years since the first Women's March, and we are still fighting...
Cyclical Life by Nourya Cohen - Photo by Alex Garrow

A Cyclical Life

A life tormented by addiction and abuse becomes a never-ending nightmare she hopes to wake up from...
In the Wind by Elise Anstey

In the Wind

Photographer Elise Anstey captures the movement of nature.
A Battle With My Mind by Sophie Stein - Photo by Aidyn Levin

A Battle With My Mind

What is it like to live with an anxiety disorder?
You Can’t Sit with Us: What Teenage Girls Don’t Learn From Mean Girls by Katie Krawcheck - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

You Can’t Sit with Us: What Teenage Girls Don’t Learn From...

When teenage girls turn to movies like Mean Girls for advice, what they receive is a distorted version of reality.
Toxic by Lily Pazner - Photo by Elise Anstey


The relationship with friends who are bullies is a very complicated, tormenting and confusing one...
Shabbat Dinners by Alex Garrow - Photo by Jade Lowe

Shabbat Dinners

Shabbat dinners are a time to get together without distractions and really connect with one another.
Review of Nice Jewish Boys by Sarah L. Young by Annie Poole

Review of “Nice Jewish Boys” by Sarah L. Young

"This story comes at a time where representation and inclusion matters."
Seeing Beyond by Lea Bogatie - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Seeing Beyond

In order to truly get to know someone who is different from us, we must take the time to step into their shoes and show a little kindness.
New Hampshire by Lyla Waitman

New Hampshire

Every year this budding photographer captures the two months she gets to spend in beautiful New Hampshire...
My Trip to Germany by Sarah Phillips - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

My Trip to Germany

It is important to challenge our preconceived notions of a people and a place...You never know what you might discover...
Looking Jewish by Rebekah Friedman - Photo by Ayelet Kalfus

Looking Jewish

What does looking Jewish really mean?

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