Sunday, June 4, 2023


Double Exposure by Hannah Rubenstein for The Monster In My Head by Ayelet Cooperberg

The Monster In My Head

“I was happy spending time in my room with my quirky hobbies, alone, away from the intimidating world and other people.”
Shae Lake Portrait by Sonja Lippmann for Chronicles of a Racial Imposter by Shae Lake

Chronicles of a Racial Imposter

As a biracial person, I've experienced exclusion and rejection from my own communities.
Sunset by Lydia Miller for 4,7,8 by Ary Hammerman


I breathe in the risk of vulnerability, of wishful thinking that one day I will be more than a breath.
thinking by Hannah Rubenstein for Finding Forgiveness in Failure by Hallel Abrams Gerber

Finding Forgiveness in Failure

"Today, I forgive myself for being human. Perhaps, someday I will even celebrate it."
Joy by Caroline Koppel for On Being Queer at a Straight Wedding by Emily Mandelberg

On Being Queer at a Straight Wedding

“No union is more profound than marriage”
Zoom by Zoe Oppenheimer for Cruising Beyond Chaos by Annie Bernstein

Cruising Beyond Chaos

“For a couple fleeting moments, we were removed from the world enjoying each other’s company.”
Columbia by Hannah Rubenstein for A Lasting Impact by Jada Bromberg

A Lasting Impact

“Allowing myself to be vulnerable has broken down the stigma for others to know they are not alone.”
Can’t Speak Danielle Deculus Addressing the Fresh Wounds

Addressing the Fresh Wounds

“But no matter how loud I yelled, nobody seemed to hear me”

My Own Personal Shabbat

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

Saying Kaddish: My Journey as a Jewish Teen in Mourning

“I say kaddish not only because it brings me comfort, but also because I know it would bring my dad happiness.”

Personal Perspectives: Dealing with Anti-Semitism at School

The importance of my heritage will always trump the negative comments anyone may have about it.

“Hello, Me”

"Without my medication, I am like a car driving in the rain, with a person who doesn’t know how to turn on the windshield wipers."
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