Thursday, February 2, 2023


New Recording 930820847284 by Devra Goldhaber - photo Sparks Fly By Marika Campbell-Blue

New Recording 930820847284

If I could do it all again I would write you a hundred happy endings, spell your names into each leaf and tree and cloud.
Stars and Scars by Sarah Jean - photo by Hannah Rubenstein

Stars and Scars: Finding Strength in the Little Jewish Girl I...

“I may not have gotten a tattoo, but the stars I cut are just as permanent.”
Translations by Isabel Carr - Photo Looking Up Into the Sun by Hannah Rubenstein. A photo looking up through the branches of a large tree with the sun peeking through the branches


“I disagree with Shakespeare—I believe that words and names are important.”
Who Am I by Elle Persky - Photo by Alex Berman

Who Am I?

“How do you mold yourself to fit into two vastly different communities, each owning different places of your heart?”
Breaking down the stigma by Adrija Jana - Photo Zoe Oppenheimer

Breaking Down the Stigma of the “Impure Blood”

“Openly discussing menstruation is still considered taboo…”
Just by Chance by Emmie Wolf-Dubin - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Just by Chance

“Is there truly any rhyme or reason to the workings of the universe?”
The Rite of Passage by Anya Gruener - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

The Rite of Passage

“I chose to unapologetically keep on weaving the multifaceted tapestry of my being.”
So This Is How It Goes by Casey Bader - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

So This Is How It Goes

“Everything’s true to memory, but memory isn’t always true to life.”
Body Language by Rachel Dinces - Photo by Sonja Lippman

Body Language

“I turned what I considered a fact into a sound, three letters that didn't mean anything more than what it says in the dictionary.”
Family Tower of Babel by Lyla Souccar - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Family Tower Of Babel

“Their roots were already set in the New York City suburb I grew up in, but my family's origins were dispersed throughout the globe.”
Pro-Choice: An Interview Series - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Pro-Choice: An Interview Series

As Jewish feminists, we are deeply frustrated and disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson case to overturn...
Medical Perspective by Sonja Lippmann

Abortion Rights from a Medical Perspective

“I think that's a very complicated decision for people, so I don't ask my patients why they're there, because when we get right down to it, it's really none of my business.”
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