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An dark, empty living room of white furniture with drawn blinds.

Creating Living Rooms Worth Living In

Perhaps I am the resident problem, but I am a problem on my own terms: I refuse to become an innocuous killjoy
A collection of Polaroids depicting teenagers and a house's exterior, scattered over a grassy lawn.

Identity crisis?

"the whole of me can be found in the whole of others"
La Convention Nationale by Danielle Deculus for The Lessons I Learned in France

The Lessons I Learned in France

It would have been a very different experience had I not known the history behind each place, person, and event.
A Bridge Between Worlds taken by Gianna Goldfarb fo Rethinking Theory by Leah Frankel

Rethinking Theory

“dismantling power systems is only attainable if a fierce wave of education comes first”
Concussion Turned President

Concussion Turned President

“I have never gone over nine months without playing a sport since the day I first stepped foot on a field.”
Childhood taken by Gianna Goldfarb for Fortitude by Scarlett London


“You might find yourself in a tent on top of Mount Everest, inside Area 51, or at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.”
Teddy Bear taken by Maddie Renert for 7 Carol Street by Thea Katz

7 Carol Street

“I love the feeling of jumping into the lake on hot summer evenings right before dinner.”
a little handful taken by Sonja Lippmann for Go Curvy Girl Go by Maya Lubaroff by

Go, Curvy Girl, Go!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”
Rose by Sonja Lippman for Samantha Weiner: A Stolen Flower

Samantha Rose: A Stolen Flower

“I am her, she is me.”
Double Exposure by Hannah Rubenstein for The Monster In My Head by Ayelet Cooperberg

The Monster In My Head

“I was happy spending time in my room with my quirky hobbies, alone, away from the intimidating world and other people.”
Shae Lake Portrait by Sonja Lippmann for Chronicles of a Racial Imposter by Shae Lake

Chronicles of a Racial Imposter

As a biracial person, I've experienced exclusion and rejection from my own communities.
Sunset by Lydia Miller for 4,7,8 by Ary Hammerman


I breathe in the risk of vulnerability, of wishful thinking that one day I will be more than a breath.
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