Sunday, September 19, 2021


Cracks in the Pavement by Dalia Kushnir - Photo by Sonja Lippmann_CracksinthePavement

Cracks in the Pavement

“Although I am with them, I walk alone”
Is Your Favorite Season Still Fall? by Emily Bebenek - photo by Sonja Lippmann

Is Your Favorite Season Still Fall?

“Is your favorite season still fall? I ask because we have both changed. And now that you face me after all these years I no longer know who you are."
Fall by Elise Antsey - Photo by Jade Lowe


“I fell hard for fall/Skinned my knee tripping over its crunchy brown leaves”
Sadness Starter Kit by Rivka Resnick - Photo by Caroline Koppel

Sadness Starter Kit

“let everyone believe in your facade of sunshine”
Grounded by Lila Ressler - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue


“I am Grounded in my identity”
60 Seconds by Alexandra Cohen - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

60 Seconds

“the pillowy clouds/Have turned to stone.”
64 Argyle Road By Orly Berkowitz-Henkin - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

64 Argyle Road

“Sally, he spoke softly in the kitchen, because the kids were watching television in the next room and he didn’t want them to see him struggle to stand.”
On the Mend by Anonymous - Photo by Caroline Koppel

On the Mend

"I tell myself I’m whole"
Brain on Life by Anonymous - Photo by Maya Savin Miller

Brain on Life

"I try to understand this confined brain / Waiting for her to untangle”
of Felled and Fallen by Anonymous - photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Of Felled and Fallen

“If no one heard it, did the tree even fall?”
A Missed Connection by Adina Solomon - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

A Missed Connection

“Finally, Finally, I arrive: A holy golden wall with growing weeds and notes crammed into crevices.”
Learning to Pray by Miriam Cory - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

Learning to Pray

“A dark blue thread shining/Against the white.”
Learning to Pray

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