Friday, May 24, 2024


A hand scribbles in a notebook surrounded by crumpled-up pieces of paper.

To My Poetry

I cannot connect with you For I am so worried about what others might say
A huge tree with the sun peeking through the leaves, multiple trees in the near distance.

When the Tree of Life Burns

"She is a Tree of Life to those that grasp her, / and whoever holds onto her is happy."
Woman reads the Webster's New World Dictionary, blocking her face with the large red book.

In Accordance with the English Language

I pluck words from dictionaries and thesauri In attempts to sound among the great Poets
An up-close photo of pile of three lemons

Citrus Gardens in the Winter

Do the swings dangle empty in the wintertime bereft of the hands which grasped the twine
A brightly colored mural of a woman with flowing blonde hair enjoying an ice cream cone.

I want to eat all of the love in the world

I do not want to be loveable, I want to be all-consuming.
Four lit remembrance candles sit in front of a framed sepia-toned photo of a family.

Of Witches

Through Bubbes unknown that I can’t forget/ Not untied from loss but forever chained to it
Damsel in Distress by Rachael Rosenberg for The Problem with Shadows by Ary Hammerman

The Problem with Shadows

They promise a perfect reflection
A girl in a flowy summer dress dances under a tree.

Body/Her/An Ode to All of You

I have decided to love my body
The World As We Knew by Danielle Deculus for Elegiac Agony by Hallel Abrams Gerber

Elegiac Agony

What does it mean to be ‘deprived of joys?’ Must it be this? A lock and key on my subconscious
A serene beach with calm waters beneath a cloudy sky.


expanding the unexplored area of our tide
A photo of a person walking down a grassy hill a small one-story house in front of a forest.

Nature Reclaims

We defiantly wait ‘til our day comes, When all of the brownstones will turn green
In Danger of Melting Away by Sonja Lippmann for The Beauty of Shabbos by Kayla Colchamiro

The Beauty of Shabbos

Our voices create a channel / To leave the heartache and hurt of the past week
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