Thursday, November 30, 2023


Hamsa Necklace taken by Shayna SchreiberMaddieRenert for My Hamsa Necklace by

My Hamsa Necklace

“I recall the bitter words that plagued my mother’s ears”
Israel taken by Jade Lowe for L'Dor V'Dor by Hannah Feldschreiber

L’Dor V’Dor

Generations have formed me And I will form generations
Yahrzeit Candle taken by Maddie Renert for That Chilly, Gray Office by Sion Cohen

That Chilly, Gray Office

“That chilly, gray office always smelled like coffee”
Like Bars Holding a Cracked Window taken by Savin Miller for Fen Vanen Ben Ikh

Fen Vanen Ben Ikh? (Where Am I From?)

“I am from hiding and fighting, protecting and reviving.”
Bleeding taken by Gianna Goldfarb for Ode to My Mistakes by anonymous


“That pain, / That lesson, / Gave me scars / That settled into my skin”
Out of Body taken by Danielle Deculus for Push Pins by Annette Greenberg

Push Pins

“I stuck my feet in place with push pins.”
Journaling by Maddie Renert for The Trees Are Bleeding Honey by Orli Adamski

The Trees Are Bleeding Honey

What sweet, sweet things we have in this world.

Do Not Compare Me to a Summer’s Day

“I am a winter’s night of freezing snow”

after the beach

“i realize now/that loving you is quite like/spending a day at the beach”
Pianist by Hannah Rubenstein for Common Sense by Emma Guzowski

Common Sense

Your common sense will tell you to get what you want And mine will always tell me to get it for you.

An Unbroken Mind

I yearn for a god, A savior, some salvation
Blue Eye by Gianna Goldfarb for Eyes Kept Open by Sophie Kessler

eyes kept open

mikvahs are heavier than a normal jewish ritual. but they’re lighter than death— maybe a certain type of rebirth.
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