Thursday, April 15, 2021


Women Lost in History by Becca Miller - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Women Lost in History – A Villanelle

“Let not these heroines go unseen”
Masquerade of fear by Emmanuelle Sippy - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

masquerade of fear

“this is an inner struggle”
21st Century Amidah by Jamie Klinger - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

21st Century Amidah

“Each curl mapping my past and identifying my tribe as Yael, she who is strong, who is powerful, she who will protect with life and death.”
My Crazy Life by Marin Gold - Photo by

My Crazy Life

“I’m from Rockville, Maryland, and Orlando, Florida,/Hamburger Helper and Sweet Brie cheese.”
Mad Scribble at a Speakeasy by Aliza Abusch-Magder - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Mad Scribble at a Speakeasy

“I imbibe knowledge and coffee and out came words/Flowing through my pen, not even gracing my mind”
Masquerade by Caroline Levine - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


How often do people use smiles as masks?
Silent Giants by Shayna Glazer - Photo by Alex Garrow

Silent Giants

“I stood on the backs of airplanes.”
Our D-Day by Joelle Reiter - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

Our D-Day

"I wonder/Is this America?"
Our Final Song by Caroline Levin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Our Final Song

“Our voices echo on the winds of time.”
Slut by Rebecca Fields - photo by Ruby Stillman


Why does society tell women that if they are sexually assaulted, it's their fault and that they did something wrong to "deserve" it?
The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks By: Rina Shamilov - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks

“He drew the stars with his eyes,/And with them, he mapped the syzygies”
Stargazer by Maya Rubenstein - Photo by Maya Savin Miller


“I didn’t realize I saw them as gods/’Til they fell”

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