Thursday, April 15, 2021


Zehot by Noa Schwarts


Zehot—A visual exploration of how your identity shapes you from a young age.

Blanche & Sam

Her family fled from the pogroms in Eastern Europe
Menagerie by Alex Berman


“You can create life with the stroke of a pencil”
Waste Management by Isabella Brown

Waste Management?

The title of this piece refers directly to how many major corporations “manage” waste, when in reality their solutions are far from manageable.
Breakfast Part 1 by Hannah Solomon

Breakfast Part 1

It’s a new day…
Breakfast by Tali Afrah

Breakfast Part 2

...and it’s looking delicious!
Subliminal Messaging by Talia Buxbaum

Subliminal Messaging

Talia explores the subconscious with this multimedia piece.
On Forever by Tali Feen

On Forever

“Painting a picture of something that means a lot to my family really made for a different experience.”
Ocean Gaze by Gefen Beldie

Ocean Gaze

What do you think of when you gaze at the ocean?
Still Shadows by Tali Feen

Still Shadows

"Every shape and object has a shadow."
The Other Half by Sophie Stein

The Other Half

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? When you look inside yourself?
In Color Series by Tali Feen

In Color Series

A multimedia series depicting the spaces where the personal and the public coexist.

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