Saturday, September 26, 2020


No Diving by Molly Voit

No Diving

“Until we can all swim freely, we need to close the pool.”
The Headline by Aidyn Levin

The Headline

These calendars tell a story of two pandemics, and the media coverage they have received.
I want George Floyd on the $20 bill by Gertie Angel

I want George Floyd on the $20 bill

The paradox of a person’s value.
Mending the Broken by Zoe Oppenheimer

Mending the Broken

"I question 'Tikkun Olam' when I remind myself that the world was not 'broken' by some mystical force."
Rebecca by Gefen Beldie


A portrait of outer beauty reflecting back inner strength.
No Worries by Tali Feen

No Worries

"She’s looking into the big city creating her future. There is nothing that could stop her."
In Brother’s Arms By Alexa Druyanoff

In Brother’s Arms

A portrait of family, love, and hope
Sail to Me by Tali Feen

Sail to Me

"If we could all find 'our peace,' then our minds could be in a different place for just a moment."
Melting Head 34 by Eliana Shapere

Melting Head 34

Artist Eliana Shapere is inspired by the Surrealist movement.
Nights in June by Alexa Druyanoff

Nights in June

A remembrance of summers past.
Time During Quarantine by Gaby Michel

Time During Quarantine

"I have a sense of fear that slowly, my own mind will turn in on itself and take me down."
Me, Myself, and I by Noa Kalfus

Me, Myself, and I

“I am a multifaceted and complex individual.”

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