Sunday, September 19, 2021


The Art of Jewish Food by Dalia Heller

The Art of Jewish Food

Food brings people together in celebration and across differences.
The Struggle of Sexuality by Rivka Schafer

The Struggle of Sexuality

Rivka depicts the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of healing from trauma and homophobia.
Pirkei Avot by anonymous

Pirkei Avot

Who is wise? One who learns from everyone.
Dantes Hell by Sophie Frankel

Dante’s Hell

This piece investigates belief in the supernatural and metaphysical as a way of escapism.
Barred by Words by Sonja Lippmann

Barred by Words

Sonja Lippman explores labeling in this self portrait.
The Last Rose by anonymous

The Last Rose

A musician’s first death: the last hurrah.
Eva by Whitney Cohen


“Eva is vehemently passionate about ensuring that her story and the stories of other survivors stay alive.”

Hear Our Cries

This piece is about the impact of issues such as gun violence, climate change, and the rise in antisemitism.
Zehot by Noa Schwarts


Zehot—A visual exploration of how your identity shapes you from a young age.

Blanche & Sam

Her family fled from the pogroms in Eastern Europe
Menagerie by Alex Berman


“You can create life with the stroke of a pencil”
Waste Management by Isabella Brown

Waste Management?

The title of this piece refers directly to how many major corporations “manage” waste, when in reality their solutions are far from manageable.
Waste Management?

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