Friday, November 27, 2020


Warm Air by Zoe Zakson

Warm Air

An appreciation of the final days of autumn.
Losing RBG and the lost mourning by Marika Campbell-Blue

Losing RBG and the Lost Mourning

"If only we could be lucky enough to rest, to grieve, to sit shiva."

A Lychee in the Market on a Thursday

Ruby captures the brilliant colors and cultural differences of her trip with a portrait of a young girl.
Prey by Aidyn Levin


An exploration in contrasts between life and death, human and animal, blue and red, wild and tame.
Untitled by Alma Kastan


Alma Kastan’s stunning photography is an homage to nature, light, and life.
Between the Lines by Tali Feens

Between the Lines

“I wanted to show how many different things can happen in one picture or scene.”
Inspired by Slinkachu by Aidyn Levin

Inspired by Slinkachu

“I looked for places in my house and on my street that I could place the tiny people.”
38th and Chicago by Ruby Stillman

38th and Chicago

"When I captured these moments, I had no idea of the ripple effect this protest would have or of the revolution that would ensue."
Labels by Annie Poole


We all get labeled, but how often are we right in our judgement of others?
Peeking by Julie Edelstein


That magic moment of capturing a wild animal as it captures you...


A photograph that captures what's important: maintaining hope and facing towards the light.
Called to Action by Aliza Abusch-Magder

Called to Action

In honor of the anniversary of March for Our Lives, one student looks back at the tragedies that continue to haunt us today.

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