Thursday, November 30, 2023

Young Writer

Sunset by Lydia Miller for 4,7,8 by Ary Hammerman


I breathe in the risk of vulnerability, of wishful thinking that one day I will be more than a breath.

“Hello, Me”

"Without my medication, I am like a car driving in the rain, with a person who doesn’t know how to turn on the windshield wipers."
Bubbles_HannahRubenstein 2/14/23

The Sandbox

I’m too big for sandboxes now, you said. Billy says only little kids play in sandboxes,
The Gap Between My Front Teeth byTova Weiss, Reflections By Caroline Koppel

The Gap Between My Front Teeth

“Why would I remove the gap between my front teeth?”

I Am Not Your Number

“We pray to the god you don't want us to believe in”
Buzzing Bees by Gabby Marshall - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

Buzzing Bees

“They gave me a task. A mission./Create a story, they said/That was all it took.”
So This Is How It Goes by Casey Bader - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

So This Is How It Goes

“Everything’s true to memory, but memory isn’t always true to life.”
Broken Lines of Belonging by Natalie Dweck Romero - Photo by Danielle Deculus

Broken Lines of Belonging

“The stranger thing was, it felt like I’d been staring down my whole life.”
Gray Area by A.L.Liss - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Gray Area

“The world comes in shades of gray”
Speaking through the music by Tova Weiss

Speaking Through Music

"If I can make my flute cry, people will feel it, no matter what language they speak. If I can make my violin laugh, people will hear it, no matter where they come from."
The Jewish Responsibility: A Call for Action by Sarah Phillips - Photo by Jade Lowe

The Jewish Responsibility: A Call for Action

"Black and Jewish culture have been long been intertwined"
The Bridge by Julia Slavin - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

The Bridge

"One day we were so entangled that I didn’t even try to pry myself loose. I knew you would stay there."
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