Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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So This Is How It Goes by Casey Bader - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

So This Is How It Goes

“Everything’s true to memory, but memory isn’t always true to life.”
Broken Lines of Belonging by Natalie Dweck Romero - Photo by Danielle Deculus

Broken Lines of Belonging

“The stranger thing was, it felt like I’d been staring down my whole life.”
Gray Area by A.L.Liss - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Gray Area

“The world comes in shades of gray”
Speaking through the music by Tova Weiss

Speaking Through Music

"If I can make my flute cry, people will feel it, no matter what language they speak. If I can make my violin laugh, people will hear it, no matter where they come from."
The Jewish Responsibility: A Call for Action by Sarah Phillips - Photo by Jade Lowe

The Jewish Responsibility: A Call for Action

"Black and Jewish culture have been long been intertwined"
The Bridge by Julia Slavin - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

The Bridge

"One day we were so entangled that I didn’t even try to pry myself loose. I knew you would stay there."
HIs Name was Paul by Lily Granai - photo by Sonjia Lippmann

His Name Was Paul

"Every 73 seconds someone is raped or sexually abused, but I am not supposed to say that."
Tethered - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer


"I’m a coward. We both know that, I think. So I stand there and I take it. Each kiss is like a punch in the gut. A soft, beautiful punch in the gut."
lovers bites by Chava Adam - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

lovers bites

"they say nothing is original, but nature flies in my ear."
60 Seconds by Alexandra Cohen - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

60 Seconds

“the pillowy clouds/Have turned to stone.”
Wailing by Sabrina Thaler

Wailing: The Jewish Philosophy of Identity and Coalition

“These are the prayers that lie between the stones.”
Chanukkah,1936 by Bo-Violet Vig - Photo by Molly Voit

Chanukkah, 1936

"Only a miracle would bring glittering candles to my window for Chanukkah, 1936."
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