Sunday, July 21, 2024

Hadassah Magazine Essay Contest

Between Barbie Land and the Real World

As we get older, we understand that there are complications and uncomfortable truths about how we girls are perceived and how we think of ourselves.
Double Exposure by Hannah Rubenstein for The Monster In My Head by Ayelet Cooperberg

The Monster In My Head

“I was happy spending time in my room with my quirky hobbies, alone, away from the intimidating world and other people.”

Personal Perspectives: Dealing with Anti-Semitism at School

The importance of my heritage will always trump the negative comments anyone may have about it.
Stars and Scars by Sarah Jean - photo by Hannah Rubenstein

Stars and Scars: Finding Strength in the Little Jewish Girl I...

“I may not have gotten a tattoo, but the stars I cut are just as permanent.”
A Double Edged Sword Living as a Jewish College Student in New York City by Judy Goldstein - Photo by Lydia Miller

A Double-Edged Sword: Living as a Jewish College Student in New...

“I endure antisemitism amidst the Jewish joy.”
Elevating Unheard Voices by Elizabeth Shvarts

Elevating Unheard Voices

“Activism—a fire that courses through my Jewish roots.”
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