Monday, June 24, 2024

Themed Works

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Todos los Dedos de la Mano (All the Fingers of the...

“All the fingers of the hand are not the same.”

Why My Curls Are Growing on Me

“My hair has long tormented me.”
Sacred Walls by Shayna Schreiber - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Sacred Walls

“Its Hebrew bitter to my untrained tongue/ And its mysteries swirling in my clueless mind”
Photo Pink Dress by Lydia Miller. A photo of a young girl with short blond hair and a bright pink dress in a field of tall grass with a blue sky.

Feminine for Real

“Clothes have a purpose and it’s not to please you.”
Translations by Isabel Carr - Photo Looking Up Into the Sun by Hannah Rubenstein. A photo looking up through the branches of a large tree with the sun peeking through the branches


“I disagree with Shakespeare—I believe that words and names are important.”
The Rite of Passage by Anya Gruener - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

The Rite of Passage

“I chose to unapologetically keep on weaving the multifaceted tapestry of my being.”
So This Is How It Goes by Casey Bader - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

So This Is How It Goes

“Everything’s true to memory, but memory isn’t always true to life.”
Speaking through the music by Tova Weiss

Speaking Through Music

"If I can make my flute cry, people will feel it, no matter what language they speak. If I can make my violin laugh, people will hear it, no matter where they come from."
The Torah in the Church Basement by Gabriela Orozco - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

“The Torah in the Church Basement”

“Amidst the ashes, our ark remains!”
Kids Deserve Queer History by Alex Berman - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Kids Deserve Queer History

A curriculum that included queer history would incorporate the often-erased stories of queer historical figures, such as Alexander the Great, and important moments in the struggle for queer liberation.
Eva by Whitney Cohen


“Eva is vehemently passionate about ensuring that her story and the stories of other survivors stay alive.”
You Only Hate Taylor Swift Because of Your Internalized Misogyny By Sasha Tucker -Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

You Only Hate Taylor Swift Because of Your Internalized Misogyny

“I never wanted to like the color pink, either.”
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