Saturday, May 30, 2020

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jGirls Theme of the Month

Too Jeweled by Rama Lapidus - Photo by Molly Voit

Too Jeweled

Through a poem, Rama takes a closer look at privilege and how it can shape your identity.
Why My Hair Falls the Way it Does By Makeda Zabot-Hall

Why My Hair Falls the Way it Does

"I discovered that it does not matter if others think I am Jewish or not because my Judaism is personal to me and it is whatever I want it to be."
Asian Jew or Jewish Asian? by Emma Rosman - Photo by Molly Voit

Asian Jew or Jewish Asian?

Emma explores her identity as someone who is both Asian and Jewish.
Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew by Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew.

"Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew...These labels don’t really jive in my community."
How to Label Yourself by Abigail Fisher - Photo by Elise Anstey

How to Label Yourself

A story that takes you back in time as you learn how labeling and social pressures all begin.
Glitch by Alex Berman


" I continue to discover who I am, I often feel just slightly out of focus."
Her Mask by Gail Hafif – Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Her Mask

Do you hide your true self behind a mask?
Another Day by Ada Perlman - Photo by Ruby Stillman

Another Day

By today's standards, "another day" means another terrible wave of loss and pain.
If not now, when? by Nadja Goldberg - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

If Not Now, When?

"Through collective action, young people can lead the world out of a crisis and towards justice and environmental repair."
Raising My Hand by Ilana Drake - Photo by Auden Yurman

Raising My Hand High

If we want to prevent atrocities like the Holocaust from ever happening again, we must push through the discomfort and choose to speak up.
College by Hope Kahn – Photo by Auden Yurman

College: Where School Became Home

In college, the line between home and school is blurred, so here are five tips on how to balance it all...


Expressing the theme of "School Pressure" through the art of song.

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