Thursday, April 15, 2021

Theme: School Pressure

February/March 2020

How do you balance school responsibilities with social life? What academic pressures do you experience?

Four Years Later By Sarit Scher - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Four Years Later

Two letters: one from the first day of Sarit's first year of high school, the other from the first day of her last year of high school.
College by Hope Kahn – Photo by Auden Yurman

College: Where School Became Home

In college, the line between home and school is blurred, so here are five tips on how to balance it all...


Expressing the theme of "School Pressure" through the art of song.
Toppling the Tech Narrative by Dahlia Soussan - Photo by Alex Garrow

Toppling the Tech Narrative: Examining Silicon Valley Privilege

"In reality, the opportunity to invest so much energy (which at times manifests as stress) into high academic performance, albeit unhealthy, defines privilege."
College Scandal by Dina Barish - Photo by Auden Yurman

College Scandal

In light of the college admissions scandals, how do we make sense of both the privilege and injustice of it all?


This young artist depicts what the pressure of school can feel like...
Why None of Us Should Be Perfect by Ada Perlman - Photo by Ruby Stillman

Why None of Us Should Be Perfectionists

There is a big difference between ambition and perfectionism. One is healthy, the other is destructive.

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